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Calling all adventurous souls and experienced swimmers! 

This is a BIG one - embark on a solo marathon swim of 20km around the magnificent Rangitoto Island in Auckland, New Zealand, or even put together a relay team with mates to make some memories. This grueling swim is not for the faint of heart, but for those seeking to push their limits and achieve the extraordinary.

Expressions of interest cost just $100, allowing you to book your spot and open up a conversation around timing, capabilities and costs. Safety and progress will be closely monitored and an official observer will accompany you, equipped with GPS tracking and capturing stunning photos of your swim. Whether you choose to go solo or participate as part of a relay, we've got you covered with a lead boat and an IRB by your side.

Timing is crucial, and we will carefully select a one-week window for your swim, considering the ever-changing weather and sea conditions. Need assistance with your feeding schedule? We've got you covered. Alternatively, you're welcome to bring a trusted second to assist you.

The currents around Rangitoto Island are notoriously challenging to judge, making it a true test of your skill and determination. Only a handful of brave swimmers have successfully completed this solo marathon swim without a wetsuit, while a few others have conquered it in wetsuits. We understand the value of personal choice, so we support both skins and wetsuit swims. However, only a skins swim will be recognized as an official marathon swim.

Relay Swim
2 Swimmers - $

3 Swimmers - $3500

4 Swimmers - $4000


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