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Q: Swims look great! are we safe?

A: Yup, absolutely, safety is our priority. All swimmers will need to wear a Safety Tow, and will be looked after by qualified lifeguards in local NZ waters, and the equivalent of this if the swim is international. 

Q: How do I pay?

A: Payment is done online via our Shopify payment portal, but if you wish to make a Paypal payment or a regular bank transfer just shout and we will assist you. 

Q: What's the average age of your swimmers?

A: Any age. We specify that any under 16's needs to be accompanied by a parent, but the majority of our participants are adults, young and old, fast and slow. 

Q: Do you organize Swim Camps or adventures for specific groups?

A: Yes, just reach out. If you are a school, swim club or open water group looking for something specific, shout out and we will put together a custom tour for you. 

Q: Whats the water temp in New Zealand?

Oceans will sit between 18 to 22 degrees celsius in the Auckland region during summer, and perhaps a little cooler in the South or in the Lakes. 

Q: Where's the best place to buy gear for my adventure? 

A: is the best local supplier of equipment.

Q: Are wetsuits allowed?

A: Skins and wetsuits welcome. 

Q: Will I need to sign an indemnity form?

Yup, all swims will need an indemnity form to be signed, and we do also suggest for your own safety that you get the green light from your local GP before you come along. 

Q: I need some help with training for my adventure, can you help?

Yeah man, drop us a note on and we will assist based on your age, location and other specifics as required.