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BAY HOPPER - 27/28 APRIL 2024

BAY HOPPER - 27/28 APRIL 2024

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Once in a lifetime swim tour on board the Rock Boat for 2 pretty cool days on the water. We will in Paihia and set sail in the stunning Bay of Island’s, getting you back to Auckland in time for your Monday grind.  

Sunset swims, sunrise swims, island circumnavigation and island to island swims off the back of the boat. Your meals are all inclusive and in-between swims you will have the opportunity to kayak, snorkel, hike and do some fishing in-between BBQ's and sunset cruises. 

Surround yourself with like-minded enthusiasts who share your passion for pushing boundaries and conquering the ocean. As always safety is paramount, as our experienced lifeguarding team and IRB will be there every stroke of the way. 

Secure your ticket today and embark on the ultimate swim adventure that will redefine your limits and create memories to last a lifetime.


Saturday 12pm meet in Paihia, and get ready to depart by 2pm. First swim will be a 2km swim off the back of the boat to an island paradise, followed by a sunset dinner, and then a night swim under the stars. Location TBD based on winds etc.



Sunday 6am – Swim 3 will be a sunrise swim, followed by breakfast, and some leisurely time doing nothing at all or a spot of fishing, snorkeling or hiking. Swim 4 will be a 3km grind circumnavigating an island, followed by slow cruise back to harbour.


1 Swimmer - $1,175

2 Swimmers - $2,000

1 Swimmer + Non Swimmer Partner - $1,800

Deposit plus payment Plan to follow - $500

Limited swim spots available. 

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